A Sense of Sanity


The spring semester hosts a daunting number of activities for high school students. Standardized tests are in full swing; the FAFSA is due; colleges are giving tours; the spring dances, plays, and sporting events are ongoing. Oh, and the regular coursework is coming to the end-of-year crescendo. How can a student stay sane amidst this chaos?

Avoid a one-way ticket to the nervous hospital by staying organized and rested. Nothing is more stressful than last-minute problems or surprises—avoid these by keeping a detailed calendar of your obligations and scheduling time for studying, socializing, and relaxing. Set daily and weekly goals. I like writing out lists and crossing items off as I’ve finished them; deleting tasks from my phone does not give me the same sense of accomplishment. Plus, crumpling up a completed list and making the three-point shot into the recycling bin is a feeling unrivaled by any app.

Ideally, you relax after your homework is done, but if it doesn’t always work out that way, now is a great time to learn how to improvise. If your sanity needs an unscheduled break, take it. Just remember that your list isn’t going to complete itself.

Ryan Sigman