The Coda of 2015


As the clock winds down on 2015, I hope that everyone involved with New Coda,
even tangentially, has some time to relax.  I want to take a few moments to give
thanks to those who helped me directly, and to those who made my work

I’ve heard back from those high school seniors who’ve already been accepted to
their schools of choice.  Excitedly, this bunch has expressed gratitude for New
Coda’s humble work, and our staff and I wish to express equal gratitude for the
opportunities we’ve been provided to work with the freshman collegians of 2016!
Parting thoughts include warnings against falling to senioritis too soon, tempered
expectations of the college experience, and the attitudes that will best carry these
students through the next four to eight years of academia.

To the parents, guardians, doters, tyrants, and, most evidently, supporters of the
above students: THANK YOU!  Teenagers are such interesting creatures, and
your aid in this process, whether passively or not, deserves ovations that are
likely not given at home.  To our clients in every corner of the SF bay area, we
wish you a happy new year!

Within New Coda, I would like to personally thank Sheléne for making such an
impact, and for bracing my nerves for the road ahead (ambitious undertakings
await us next year).  To our newer recruits, I wish you all a happy new year, and
encourage you to help us blossom this business beyond what we’ve
accomplished in three years.

And as we move to the coda of 2015, I want to give my thanks to the furry friends
who’ve reminded me that technology won’t replace personality… Thank you Ally,
Happy, Roo, Hope, Ivy, Milo, Snicker, Tasha, Simba, Mario, Janie, Guinness,
Roly, Precious, Ollie, and the rest!


Ryan Sigman
CEO/Founder – New Coda


Seasons greetings, readers!  The year 2015 has been a big one for me. I started with New Coda full time, and I am very glad to now be working with students, getting to know other tutors, and even relearning math (never thought I’d say that!).  My favorite thing, other than starting our Pinterest page, has been reading essays and discussing the power and peculiarity of language with students.

I look forward to all the challenges and opportunities 2016 is bound to bring, but most of all, I can’t wait to read the sometimes zany, always imaginative work students create. Thank you, students, for your hard work and good humor—I hope you are enjoying your break!

However you spend your holiday season, I hope you are well, and I wish you a happy and healthy new year.

Best wishes,

Sheléne Peterson

Jack Neimark